Dune Maldives

Pleasure first


DUNE was founded in 1997 by Gerard Besse. Specialised in scuba diving and snorkelling, it has centres in Egypt, Maldives and Sudan, as well as in Marseille, France.
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Dune Maldives started in 2010. We now have more than 30 crew, 10 guides, 3 boats and a diving centre fit to take you on an unforgettable subaquatic adventure.

Wise for their experience, our team will take you to extraordinary spots. The Maldives abound in fishes, rays, sharks, corals high in colours.

Take the plunge!


A Unique Experience


Choosing a Dune instructor guided activity will allow you:

  • To be reassured and feel safe with your close ones
  • To practice in an original boat accessible site, away from crowded areas
  • To discover the advantages of an environment, to experience subaquatic activities differently thanks to a qualified enthusiastic guide
  • To have the right behaviour at the right time, always showing respect to the aquatic environment

You will soon realise that a guided activity helps you understand each new territory beforehand, and so gives you the perspective, maybe later, to practice in autonomy.


For your comfort, Dune commits to providing you with:

  • Quality individual equipment, maintained and adapted to different morphologies and environmental conditions.
  • An infrastructure and group equipment specially conceived for snorkeling (boat, surface buoy, changing rooms, showers…)
  • A fully trained and skilled guide who will accompany you through each step of the activity by his presence and advices (technical environmental advices)
  • A larger choice of sites, adapted to both your abilities and the environmental conditions.

Because your comfort is our moto, we pay a special attention to listening to your comments in order for you to benefit from a constantly improving approach.